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“After 16 years in equipment sales and trying most vehicle laptop mounts available I finally have found one that is truly great!  No knobs to adjust and fall off, no straps to mess with, no big bulky stand to rattle my laptop. If I am presenting an offer to a customer they can sit in the passenger seat and I can swing the iStand over so that they can access the computer.  When I am driving and want to just utilize my calendar and GPS I take the laptop off and rotate/flip the table into vertical position for my iPad.  Customer service is excellent, one of the stands I bought had a defective part and the company immediately shipped out a new part – no questions asked.”

Rick – RDO, California

“I have found the iStand to be a very versatile tool.  I use it for my laptop, iPad, phone and hotspot. Great tool for anyone who works out of their vehicle.”

Robert – Cramer and Associates

“I switched to the iStand in our vehicles because of the incredible ease of installation and it doesn’t wear out the laptops.  A lot of stands on the market tear up equipment in ways you would never imagine!”

Tim – Vermeer Midwest, IT

“I have nothing but good things to say about the iStand.  It has made my job easier ever since being installed in my vehicle.  This company is great to work with.  Very impressed!”

Dan – Tree Professional

“One way to tell if you have a good product is if your customers refer you without being asked.  I show the iStand to everyone I come across – and they love it!  RDO has purchased many vehicle laptop mounts and this one outperforms them all.”

Tom – RDO Equipment

“Our field manager insists on having the iStand in every field vehicle.”

AgFeed USA

“Before the iStand I hadn’t found a tool that would allow me the best use of my iPad in my mobile office.  I no longer have it laying on the seat, floor or dash when not in use.  It is at my fingertips when I need it – safe and secure.  My only complaint is that I wish I were right handed!”

Rob – Dreams2Reality


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