What vehicles are the iStand available for?

The iStand is available for most 2010 and newer vehicles. If you do not see
the make and model of your vehicle on the availability page please email us and
we will let you know what the availability options are for your vehicle.

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What is the iStand’s warranty?

The iStand has a one year full warranty. If the stand malfunctions or breaks
within the first year we will repair or replace at no cost to you.

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How does the device attach to the stand?

The iStand table is industrial loop fabric, and each stand comes with self
adhesive hook tabs. The hook tabs are placed on the bottom of the laptop or the
case of the iPad and simply pressed on the stand. This gives a very strong lateral
bond while still allowing the device to be easily pulled up and off.

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Is the iStand universal?

The iStand is not universal – but engineered specifically for each make and
model of vehicle. The engineering and tolerances of this process contribute
greatly to the reliability and performance of the stand.

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How long does it take to get a stand?

Many iStand models are in stock, and most are on a short production
schedule. If in stock there will be same day shipping, otherwise they will ship 3-5
business days after order.

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Can I be a distributor?

We are currently not using distributors, but if you have an interest please
email us and we will put you on a contact list for when we begin to open
distributor options.

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Is there a volume discount?

Certainly! Please email or call and let us know what your fleet needs are
and we will be happy to discuss volume pricing with you.

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